Terms of Reference for the ECGI Working Paper Prizes

Terms of Reference for the ECGI Working Paper Prizes

    1. The ECGI, with generous support from Aberdeen Standard Investments and Allen & Overy, awards two prizes:



            The Aberdeen Standard Investments Finance Prize for the best paper in the ECGI Finance Working Paper series


            The Cleary Gottlieb Law Prize for the best paper in the ECGI Law Working Paper series


    2.    Each prize is worth €5,000 and is awarded annually.

    3.    In the first year, all papers published in the series since its inception in 2002 are eligible for 2005 prizes. In subsequent years, papers published in one calendar year are eligible for the prizes in the following year.

    4.    Papers must be deemed to have made a substantial contribution to the knowledge of corporate governance in Europe.

    5.    The winners of the two prizes will be announced at the ECGI General Assembly.

    6.    The process of choosing the winners of the Aberdeen Standard Investments Finance Prize and Gottlieb Cleary Law Prize, which is in line with that adopted by leading international finance journals, is as follows:

    •          Consulting Editors in each series (See Editorial Boards) nominate qualifying papers;
    •          Each series Editor draws up a short list of these nominations;
    •          All members of the respective Editorial Boards vote for their choice.

    7.    In the process of choosing the winners of these prizes, the following ground rules concerning the voting arrangements apply:

    •          The series editors who run the process cannot win the prize;
    •          Authors cannot nominate their own papers (or papers co-authored with others);
    •          Consulting editors cannot vote for their own papers, or papers they co-authored.

    8.    The Finance and Law prizes may be shared between two papers if the voting is tied or, in the opinion of Editors, two papers receive many more votes than the others on the short list.

    9.    Winning papers may be published on the sponsor's website in addition to being recognised as such on the ECGI website.


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