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BlackRock is the leading global asset manager, serving many of the world's largest companies, pension funds, foundations, and public institutions as well as millions of people from all walks of life. Almost 13,000 colleagues work from 70 offices in 30 countries, helping people from all walks of life around the world to reach their investing goals.

BlackRock is a patron of the European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF) and as such, has patron membership status of the ECGI. For more information about ECGRF click here.

Governance overview

BlackRock's corporate governance framework is a set of principles, guidelines and practices that support sustainable financial performance and value creation for shareholders over the long-term.

Our commitment to good corporate governance is integral to our business and reflects not only regulatory requirements, the NYSE listing standards and broadly recognized governance practices, but effective leadership and oversight by our senior management team and Board of Directors. We regularly conduct calls with our shareholders to solicit feedback on our corporate governance framework. We make an effort to incorporate this feedback through enhanced policies, processes and disclosure. Please see our Corporate Governance guidelines and our latest Proxy Statement for details on our corporate governance framework.

Governance Documents

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Lead Independent Director Guidelines

Categorical Standards of Director Independence

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Code of Ethics for Chief Executive and Senior Financial Officers

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