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AstraZeneca PLC is a global, science-led, patient-focused pharmaceutical company. They are dedicated to transforming the future of healthcare by unlocking the power of what science can do for people, society and the planet.

AstraZeneca PLC is a Patron of the European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF) and as such, has Patron Membership status of the ECGI. For more information about ECGRF click here.

Corporate governance

As a foreign issuer with American Depositary Shares listed on Nasdaq, we must also disclose any significant ways in which our corporate governance practices differ from those followed by US companies under Nasdaq’s corporate governance listing standards.

Information on our corporate governance performance can be found in our Annual Reports.

We apply all the main and supporting principles of good corporate governance in the UK Corporate Governance Code (formerly the Combined Code) and related guidance.

The Board

We have a highly experienced Board and Senior Executive Team. The Board is responsible for the Group's corporate governance, sets the Group's strategy and policies, has overall responsibility for the oversight of risk and also monitors progress towards meeting its strategic objectives and annual plans. The Board discharges these responsibilities through a programme of meetings that includes a formal, annual strategy review. The Board also assesses whether or not, and to what extent, its obligations to the Company's shareholders and other stakeholders are understood and met. This includes regular reviews of the Group's financial performance and critical business issues.

More information on the principle roles and responsibilities of our Board can be found in the corporate governance section of our latest Annual Report.

The terms and conditions of appointment of Non-Executive Directors are available to view and download here.

Accelerating the delivery of sustainable, net-zero healthcare through science

We follow the science to lower the economic and environmental burden of healthcare and recognise the nexus between climate and health. Climate change, pollution and ecosystem degradation are already impacting human health – including through a rise in non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and respiratory diseases – and undermining the capacity of health systems.

Recognising the importance of working in partnership for a better future, we are one of 15 members of the Sustainable Markets Initiative Health Systems Task Force, chaired by our CEO Pascal Soriot, collaborating across the healthcare sector to accelerate the transition to net-zero health systems.

Bold climate action and investments in nature and biodiversity are vital to drive positive global health outcomes.

Ambition Zero Carbon

Through our Ambition Zero Carbon strategy, we are pursuing ambitious science-based decarbonisation targets, accelerating our progress towards net zero, and managing the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. We are working to deliver net-zero healthcare, acknowledging that approximately 5% of greenhouse gas emissions are from the healthcare sector.

Product sustainability

People and the planet will benefit from those medicines which have the smallest possible environmental impact yet maintain the highest medical efficacy and safety standards. As technologies and healthcare systems evolve, so should solutions to reduce energy, water, material use, waste and pollution generated from designing, manufacturing and delivering medicines to patients.

Natural resources

We are taking action to protect and restore ecosystems by limiting environmental impacts across our value chain, investing in nature, biodiversity and water stewardship. The conservation and sustainable use of natural resources is vital to shape a healthy future with resilient people and communities, building harmony between society and the natural environment.

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