10. How is the paper published on the SSRN?

When a paper is submitted to the ECGI, one of three things will then happen:

a - If the paper is not on the SSRN server already, the ECGI formatted paper will be added to the SSRN collection as a separate entry. See example.

b - If a "mimeo" version exists on the SSRN server it will be replaced by the ECGI paper. See example (the ECGI paper replaced the older EFA conference version).

c - If a US Law School or another "generic" version exists on the SSRN server, a reference to the ECGI paper is added to the front page of this paper and a hyperlink to the ECGI formatted paper that will, in this case, reside on the ECGI server.

If the author submits the paper to a series that has the same status as the ECGI series on SSRN (e.g. a US Law School series), the ECGI paper on the SSRN server will be replaced by a "generic" paper and the ECGI version of the paper will be moved to the ECGI server. The hyperlink to the ECGI paper on the ECGI server is displayed on the front page of the "generic" paper on SSRN.

Multiple submissions to the ECGI, the CEPR and NBER electronic series do not fall under (b) or (c) because the CEPR and NBER series are fee based.

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