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Dual Class
7 December 2023
Tom Vos
Jeroen Delvoie
Private Equity and Venture Capital
28 November 2023
Kobi Kastiel
Yaron Nili
Private Equity and Venture Capital
16 November 2023
Luca Enriques
Casimiro Nigro
Private Equity and Venture Capital
7 November 2023
Nadya Malenko
Private Equity and Venture Capital
7 November 2023
Douglas Cumming
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4 May 2023
The Blog Review presents a range of expert opinions from the ECGI network, highlighting diverse global perspectives from academics, practitioners, and policymakers on topics related to the theme of '...
20 November 2022
By Marco Becht. Will the principle of “do no harm to people and planet in the pursuit of power or profit” become a basic rule of society in the 21st century embodied in ethical custom and law? 
17 November 2022
Dr Rupini Deepa Rajagopalan. Despite the difficulties, it is not all grey in the world of engagement. We have found that engagement can be a highly effective tool for positive change and the more we engage and...
17 November 2022
By Hans De Cuyper. In responsible finance, climate change and sustainability more broadly are viewed from the perspective of a risk turned into an opportunity. Sustainability and profitability are not mutually...
17 November 2022
By Lieve Mostrey. To a large degree, all aspects of ESG are investor led – if investors avoid funds, projects and/or companies because of ESG concerns, then consequently capital will be re-allocated to those...
2 October 2022
By Tom Gosling. There are high hopes the investors can be part of the solution to society’s most pressing problems. But is it legitimate for investors to use the money of their clients and beneficiaries to...
12 September 2022
By Tom Gosling. Asset managers need to figure out how to align membership of GFANZ with their fiduciary duty to clients..
19 July 2022
By Gaizka Ormazabal. Beyond performance measurement considerations, ESG pay could be one way to signal to the market that the firm is committed to ESG.
7 June 2022
By Laura Field. Our results suggest that a principles-based approach potentially mitigates some of the costs of complying with rules-based approaches, while still achieving the same broad objective — in this...
7 June 2022
By the ECLE Group. The European legislator should not introduce rules that are hard or impossible to apply in order to force Member States to take action on gender balance. This will not lead to meaningful...
24 May 2022
By Sir Ronald Cohen. The solution to our financing gap now looks obvious: a change in values, leaps in technology, and the measurement of impact are converging to shift capitalism from risk-return to risk-...
26 April 2022
By Woochan Kim. Today, there is a growing demand for companies to be responsible to the planet and society. This is justified given the harm they are inflicting and the potential contribution they can make.
5 April 2022
By Luis Garicano and Lukasz Rachel. "Those who fear an economic collapse precipitated by the oil and gas ban generally think that it is hard to substitute Russian gas. But the marvel of market economy...
22 March 2022
By Takeo Hoshi. Kishida lists three keywords for his policy toward the new form of capitalism: human capital investment, public-private partnership, and local communities.
22 February 2022
By Dionysia Katelouzou. Whether it is legally the case or not, it has become unfashionable to outwardly declare that your company’s purpose is solely to produce profit for its shareholders. Reconciliation of...
8 February 2022
By Herman Daems. Stimulating capitalism to act more responsibly is an effective way to make markets, companies and governments respond to today’s ESG challenges while safeguarding creativity, innovation, and...
8 February 2022
By René Stulz. There is a wide consensus that some actions in a capitalistic economy can have damaging effects for society and are not responsible in the sense that such actions are inconsistent with...