Videos from ECGI events enable the ideas and debates that emerge in live situations to be shared with a wider audience for consideration. This helps to identify areas for further research, foster debate and educate people on corporate governance issues. As with all ECGI material, these videos are published in the interest of providing a public service.

    As our planet changes and acclimatises to new technologies, join Professor Richard Susskind author of ‘Tomorrow’s Lawyers’ and Professor Colin Mayer, author of ‘Prosperity: Better Business Makes the Greater Good’, as they discuss how businesses should adapt to changing technology and A.I., and ho

    20 March 2018

    We analyze dynamic trading by an activist investor who can expend costly e↵ort to a↵ect firm value. We obtain the equilibrium in closed form for a general activism technology, including both binary and continuous outcomes.

    10 December 2017